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Final ruling provides good news for SMSF property investing using borrowing

If the industry was pleased about the draft ruling on limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBA), the final ruling, SMSFR 2012/1 has done nothing to wipe the smiles off trustee & industry faces.  The ATO has taken a practical approach in this ruling to key concepts including: What is an ‘acquirable asset’ and a ‘single acquirable … Continue reading »

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Listen to my latest podcast on SMSF borrowing

I have uploaded today a new podcast interview on the hot topic of Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements within Self-Managed Super Funds. This 20 minute podcast interview is with Kris Kitto, SMSF Specialist Advisor and Manager at leading SMSF Administration, SuperFund Partners. Kris is also the author of In this podcast we discuss some of … Continue reading »

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Reflecting on the year that was 2010…

Tis’ the season to reflect on what has been a big year for self-managed super funds and the financial services industry as a whole. The year started with a bang, with Phase Three of the Super System Review on Structure including Self Managed Super Funds.  This phase of the review was arguably the most debated … Continue reading »

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Buying "off-the-plan" with limited recourse borrowing arrangements

Recent media suggests rapidly growing interest in the use of limited recourse borrowing arrangements to acquire property using a Self Managed Super Fund. One of the more common ways people are acquiring property is through “off-the-plan” (OTP) developments, whereby the SMSF signs a contract for the vendor to deliver at settlement a completed apartment. How an … Continue reading »

20 things you need to know about undertaking borrowing inside a SMSF to acquire property
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20 things you need to know about undertaking borrowing inside a SMSF to acquire property

  Borrowing inside a SMSF has been an attractive option for many people considering the acquisition of property, whether it be commercially (i.e. for their business) or for residential investment.  Whilst SMSF borrowing can be an attractive option to consider, it has a range of important features that people need to be aware of when … Continue reading »

Important changes about to be introduced for SMSF Instalment Warrants
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Important changes about to be introduced for SMSF Instalment Warrants

Yesterday saw an important step forward for the use of instalment warrant lending inside Self Managed Super Funds with the introduction of Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Amendment Bill 2010.  There have been more questions than answers since Taxpayer Alert TA2008/5 was issued by the ATO (along with an extensive Q&A document).  Then subsequent to that, the ATO … Continue reading »