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As a leading industry authority on Self Managed Super Funds, Aaron provides a range of services that can assist SMSF professionals and trustees.

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Aaron is a highly sought after SMSF industry speaker where he shares his views and strategies on topical self-managed super fund issues.


A range of training service packages are available along with technical support to assist industry professionals to keep up-to-date with issues affecting self-managed super funds.


Understand the benefits about becoming a member of The SMSF Academy to assist professionals in helping to grow their SMSF business.


Find out about the latest events where Aaron will be presenting across Australia or online through his regular webinar training.


6 thoughts on “My Services

  1. Hi I have just read some of your articles. I was searching for information on retiring debt which supports installment warrants. In other words putting insurance in place and how to structure that so its used to retire debt and not be paid into a members account.
    Some of your papers have helped.
    Do you have a newsletter I can subscribe to.

  2. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your feedback on my blog. I have recently finished in a role to establish my own SMSF business. Over the coming month or two I will be releasing a newsletter, but more importantly, conducting SMSF webinars and online video content to benefit trustees and professionals.

    Keep in touch with the site as some of these developments progress.


  3. Hi Aaron,

    How do we utilise your ‘Help desk support’ for technical queries?

    What are the details – phone/email address? I am unable to find this info on your website and my email to your gmail account was rejected.


    Kam Simsek.

  4. Hi Aaron I have a very curly case study (not real). I was wondering if you could lead me in the right direction.

    • X Unit Trust (a related unit trust) is owned 100% by the Y Superannuation Fund.
    • X Unit Trust was established in 1990.
    • The members of the Y Superannuation Fund run a farming business in their personal names.
    • X Unit Trust holds farming land and wants to spend $500,000 to construct a solar grid.
    • The intention is that the Unit Trust will sell the electricity generated by the solar grids back to the local electricity grid, at $50,000 pa.
    • X Unit Trust will need to borrow approximately $250,000 in order to establish the grid on the farming land it holds.
    • In addition, the trustee’s have enquired if they will be able to use some of the electricity generated in their personal farming business.

    What are the issues to be considered here, is the client able to make the investment? Can the individuals use any of the electricity generated in the farming business?

    My initial thought was it may be LRBA but then thought otherwise. You assistance would be appreciated.

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