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SMSF Q&A: Federal Budget and $1.6m pension transfer cap amount


My focus has been to make a positive impact when it comes to self-managed super funds.  Through professionals and trustees, I use my blog and regular training to reach a goal of having a positive impact on the retirement savings of more than 200,000 SMSFs.  It’s a big number, but in my view reachable given the breadth of training and content that I look to create around SMSFs.  It’s hard to believe that I’ve been writing on this blog, TheDunnThing since November 2009.  The ability to use my blog as a medium to share my views on SMSFs and to show people how SMSF is ‘Dunn Right’ is an important tool to having such a positive impact.

When I look at impact, it is clear that social media is redefining content distribution.  With a growing number of platforms available to share content, blogging is just one of many ways to share my views.  Importantly, these social media tools when interacting together provide not only greater distribution, but diversity in content.

In recognising this ever-increasing opportunity, I am excited to have launched (and recorded) my first Facebook “live” SMSF Q&A session.  In this week’s first video, I discuss the $1.6m pension transfer cap announced in the Federal Budget and how this compares with Labor’s policy to tax a member’s pension earnings above $75,000.  I answer a range of questions from professionals and SMSF trustees in this 30 minute Q&A video about the impact of these Federal Budget measures and the upcoming Federal election.

I will be hosting the SMSF Q&A “live” event on The SMSF Academy’s Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/thesmsfacademy) every Monday at approx. 4pm AEST for 30 minutes.  I encourage you to ‘like‘ our Facebook page and join me for this regular update on issues impacting self-managed super funds.  You can send questions through to me for consideration at the ‘Dunno – ask me a question’ page on my blog.  If you can’t attend the live session, I will endeavour to post the video recording on the blog each week too.

I look forward to you joining me for future Facebook ‘live’ events, and to receive questions and feedback for the sessions.



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