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Sole Purpose Test webinar

The sole purpose test underpins the super laws to ensure that member benefits are maintained for the provision of retirement, employment termination or death benefits.

In our October 2015 webinar, I will be exploring many of the key elements of the sole purpose test and how it applies to investment decisions and activities undertaken by fund trustees.  When we think about the application of the sole purpose test, decisions such as the Swiss Chalet case come to mind, but more recently we have seen a range of cases that provide an updated view to the issues and activities of trustees that may breach the requirements of sole purpose.

In this session, I will be exploring some of the more topical issues, including:

  • How the Regulator approaches the sole purpose test with activities such as running a business through a SMSF,
  • Understanding the factors  that the Commissioner would or would not conclude that an SMSF is being maintained in accordance with section 62 of the SISA (e.g. influenced in decision-making, pattern of events, isolated or insignificant benefits)

All of these issues will be explored in detail and broken down through a range of practical examples to help understand how the sole purpose test applies.

Details of the upcoming webinar are outlined below.


As a bonus for all attendees, we will be providing a copy of The SMSF Academy’s Sole Purpose Test checklist, which will provide a range of important tips, traps and considerations in how section 62 of the SISA applies.

Numbers are strictly limited, so we encourage you to register early to avoid missing out.

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