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SMSF Podcast Show – Episode #9


Technology as an ‘enabler’ is rapidly changing the compliance landscape for SMSF professionals and is redefining how professionals charge for SMSF compliance-related services.  Research suggests that over the next 2-3 years as much as one-third of professional services revenue, predominantly compliance-related activity could disappear as a result of these technology advancements.  So, it is becoming increasingly apparent for more than 16,000 tax agents working with SMSF trustees, that technology will continue to change the competitive landscape of the SMSF compliance activities they are currently undertaking.

In the final SMSF Podcast Show for 2013, I am joined by Kate Sheringham from Class Super to discuss:

  • the role of technology in building greater efficiency within compliance-based services.
  • what impact the shift in cloud technology can provide professionals; and
  • how technology as an ‘enabler’ will provide the tools to create ‘super’ SMSF administrators

SMSF Podcast Show back in 2014!

A special thank-you for everybody who has supported the weekly SMSF Podcast Show, in particular my guests speakers for sharing their time and expertise on various topics to help you as professionals better understand and grow your SMSF business.   I’m looking forward to a big program for 2014, building on the great start I’ve had on this podcast journey.

The SMSF Podcast Show will return on Monday, 20 January 2014.




As always, I love to hear any thoughts and feedback about the SMSF Podcast Show!






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