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SMSF Podcast Show – Episode #8

smsf podcast show

With online communities growing in popularity as a means to engage with like-minded individuals, it is expected that a growing number of self-directed SMSF trustees will engage within these peer-to-peer style communities on a range of strategic and investment decisions for their self-managed super funds.

With only one in five Australian’s currently seeking financial advice from a licensed adviser, do these online communities pose a threat or opportunity for skilled professionals to engage and attract a growing number of financially savvy trustees?

SMSF Podcast Show – Guest: Andrew Ward

In this podcast, Aaron Dunn discusses the evolution of online communities with Managing Director of Self Wealth, Andrew Ward and how consumer behaviours through the use of social media and peer-to-peer investing are changing.  We discuss what advisers need to think about in engaging with the next generation of SMSF trustee.  It provides an interesting insight for professionals in how they need to start thinking about the changing nature of their client engagement strategy for the next generation of SMSF trustee that is more ‘information ready’ and financially literate than ever before!

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