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SMSF Podcast Show – Episode #5

SMSF Podcast Show

Building your SMSF engagement strategy

The dynamics and demographics of the self-managed super fund sector are changing at a fairly rapid rate.  Statistics show a growing number of new SMSF trustees in the late Gen X and early Gen Y categories – 4 in every 10 new self-managed super fund members under 45 years of age.  Couple this statistic with the growing nature of the coach-seeker or self-directed approach by individuals in building their retirement savings, and you can begin to see some of the current challenges facing professionals in attracting people to seek advice.  Ensuring that you remain relevant (and improve your relevance) to your client is something ever professional should analyse on a regular basis.

However, this growing self-directed approach doesn’t necessarily mean people are reducing the level of engagement in obtaining professional advice.  For those advisers doing it well, the level of engagement with existing and prospective clients is as high, or if not higher than it’s ever been before.  It’s the dynamics of how you engage that is changing…  With more technology and information available than ever before, how are you standing out from the crowd to demonstrate who you are, what you stand for and how you are going to deliver it?

With this shift, professionals need to understand and be able to implement a strategy that will enable a more in-depth client conversation than ever before.

SMSF Podcast Show

Joining me to discuss topic in the SMSF Podcast Show is recent AFA Adviser of the Year, Jenny Brown of JBS Financial Strategists.  Jenny shares some of her experiences and engagement tactics, including the growing success of using social media to attract, maintain and nature client and prospect relationships.  This show provides a great insight into some of the tools advisers should be considering to build relationships.

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