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Is Government policy towards super all out of proportion?

Watch this video blog post where Aaron discusses his views on the recent talk around changes to superannuation policy, in particular his thoughts about where the Government would be better served to address the issue of equality in tax concessions.

Obviously some of these issues aren’t going to be popular with self-funded retirees, but what are your thoughts about the continued sustainability of superannuation tax concessions?



One thought on “Is Government policy towards super all out of proportion?

  1. Even playing field? Being fair? Lets look at the facts. Many years ago Menzies raised a 3% tax that was added to individuals tax liability to fund peoples retirement. A few years later it disappeared into general revenue. Before Hawke Keating if you had a super fund and put after tax money in the earnings were not
    taxed and at the end when you took it out only 5% was taxed at the top marginal rate effectively 2.5%. Then we had the wages con where employers
    were slugged for workers super. Then contributions were taxed at a “concessional 15%”Then we had a 15% tax on earnings. More recently we had a tax that wasn’t a tax on high earners. Then the government of the day set out to first steal overseas workers pension entitlements and now they are stealing Australians pensions under the guise of holding lost accounts. Definition of a lost account? If you don’t contact your fund for 12 months the sticky hands of our kleptomaniac government will steal YOUR MONEY The industry and retail funds and their advisors take the cream and give the suckers the dross. Our government and treasury hate SMSF’s because we not they have control. Its not about being fair its about control. Over a million people now control their own destiny. The cat is out of the bag. The real issue is when are we going to wake up and make the pollies and their treasury mates accountable for their theft of our money?

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