Thedunnthing reaches 100,000 visitors

Today I have achieved a wonderful personal milestone, with thedunnthing blog having its 100,000th visitor.

I look back to October 2009 when I commenced my blog as a simple idea to help me better understand technical issues and strategies impacting Self Managed Super Funds.  The first month had just 145 visitors (I guess you have to start somewhere)!!!  However, over the two and a half-year journey, my blog has continued to grow month by month, reaching more than 7,500 visitors last month, making it arguably Australia’s leading SMSF website with strategies, education, technical issues and opinions about where the SMSF industry is today and looking into the future.

I receive wonderful feedback from trustees and professionals including accountants and financial planners about the value of the content that assists people better understand the benefits and strategies within SMSFs.  The content has varied from written material, to podcasts, videos, and Powerpoint presentations, all with a purpose to assist both me personally and you in better understanding key SMSF issues and opportunities.

People say SMSFs are complex… I disagree.  I think they have their complexities, but like all things with knowledge, more and more Australians are becoming engaged with their superannuation savings through SMSFs, which in my view is a good thing!  This view seems to be shared by Government, in particular from the findings and recommendations from the Super System Review (Stronger Super reforms).

Self Managed Super Funds have a very bright future… a more financial literate society will see engagement continue to grow as more people look to take a greater control over retirement savings.  To ensure the system remains robust as total SMSF assets grow to a projected $2 billion by 2030, we are seeing a greater focus on competency with advice and the auditor role.  These reforms will impact the numbers of professionals within the industry (in particular auditors), but the positive impact it will have on confidence in the sector should (and will) override any short-term pain.

I look forward to continuing to share my views and strategies on SMSFs as the industry moves into even more exciting times.

A big thank-you to everyone who has followed me and has supported my blog and my business, The SMSF Academy.


Aaron Dunn



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