What's a great name for a Self-Managed Super Fund?

Many of the 420,000 self-managed super funds now in existence typically use a part of a trustee’s name (usually surname) to create their SMSF.

With virtually unlimited discretion for trustees to decide on a name for their SMSF, this got me thinking about some of the clever and also amusing names that I’ve come across in my journey within the industry. I also did a quick search through SuperFundLookUp to see some of the more interesting and quirky names around as well.

In this light-hearted post, below is a list some more interesting and peculiar names for SMSFs:

  • Enjoy Myself Super Fund
  • Show Me the Money Super Fund,  Buckets of Money Super Fund,
  • The Money Tree
  • Big Bucks Super Fund, Big Ideas Super Fund
  • Make Me Rich Super Fund, Get Rich Quick Super Fund
  • Gravy Train Express
  • Creating Wealth Together Super Fund
  • Huge Profits Super Fund, Huge As Super Fund
  • And You’ll make a Profit Super Fund
  • Outperform Super Fund
  • The Travel bug Retirement Fund
  • Relax to the Max Super Fund, Sit Back and Relax Super Fund

Does your fund or a client’s fund have a great name?  share it with us…



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